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Our Equipment

Dongguan Boyang Precision
is an ISO9001 international quality management
system certification enterprise and is equipped with rich kind of processing machines of more than 110 sets.

DAHLIH 24000 Hign Speed CNC (2)

Taiwan Hartford CNC (8)

QiaoHong CNC (3)

CNC Machining
Image is not available

Fully Automatic Grinding
Surface Grinding Machine (2)
Huaili Grinding Machine (4)
Grinding Machine (21)

Grinding Machine
Image is not available

Sodick Low Speed Wire-EDM (5)
Middle Speed Wire-EDM (6)
SG Hign Speed Wire-EDM (14)

Wire-EDM Cutting
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Precision Milling Machine (13)

Tapping Machine (3)

Fully automatic sawing machine

Chamfer machine (3)

Manual Turning machine

Milling Machine
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Two Dimensions Measuring Instrument

Projector (3)

Inspection Devices List
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Height Gauge (3)
Depth measurement meter (3)
Microrapid (7)
Caliper (42)
Hardness meter

Inspection Devices List
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Equipment List

Dept.部门Equipment设备Brand 品牌Spec.型号Qty.数量#colspan#Origin 产地Accuracy 精度
Dept.EquipmentBrandSpec.Qty.Origin 产地Accuracy 精度
Tooling deviceWire-EDMSEIBUM50A66Japan0.001mm
Tooling deviceGrindingWA1DAPGX-300012Japan0.002mm
Tooling deviceGrindingWA1DAPGX-2500SP12Japan0.002mm
Tooling device CNCExeronHSC-MP714GermanyPlanning
Tooling device CNCDAHLIHMCV-85014Taiwan0.005mm
Tooling device CNCChiGuanCG-850L14Taiwan0.005mm
Tooling device CNCJINGDIAO400A10H14China0.005mm
Tooling deviceEDMSODICKAD30LS5+38Japan0.001mm
Tooling deviceLarge grindingKENTOS30011Taiwan0.003mm
Tooling deviceSurface grindingQingYuNSG-6182020Taiwan0.002mm
QC instrumentDigital HeightNIKONMF5011010Japan0.001mm
QC instrumentProjectorWANHAOV-12B11China0.002mm
QC instrumentHeight 2.5DTRMOSV7-70011Switzerland0.003mm
QC instrumentProjector 2DWanHaoVMS-2515F11Taiwan0.002mm
QC instrumentMicrometerMitutoyo0~25/~50/~75mm1010Japan0.001mm
QC instrumentTool MicroscopeNIKON176-MF11Japan0.001mm
QC instrumentMicroscopeSDPTOPST6088China4 x
QC instrumentLaser engravingPULSE FIBER LASERQSFL-1011China/
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