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Metal EDM processing: in electrolyte solution, the metal workpiece is corroded by spark discharge to form the surface corresponding to the shape of the tool

Be able to process any conductive material The material removal in EDM is realized by the electric heating during discharge, and the machinability of the material mainly depends on the conductivity and thermal characteristics of the material

Suitable for machining low rigidity workpieces and micro machining. Because the shape of tool electrode can be copled to the workpiece, it is especially suitable for the machining of the complex surface workpiece.

The surface of EDM is composed of numerous small pits and hard convex edges. Its hardness is higher than that of the machined surface, and it is conducive to protecting lubricating oil. Under the same surface roughness, its surface lubrication and wear resistance are better than machined surface, especially suitable for mold manufacturing.
However, the speed of general EDM is slow.


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EDM cavity machining

EDM cavity machining includes forging die, casting die, extrusion die, injection mold, etC

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EDM perforation

Piercing is one of the most widely used in EDM. It is often used to process holes (round holes, square holes, polygonal holes, special-shaped holes), curved holes, micropores, etc., such as cold punching dies, wire drawing dies, extrusion dies, nozzles, all kinds of holes and small holes on spinnerets.

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