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Wire EDM

W-EDM is the abbreviation of wire cutting, which refers to a processing method. It is developed on the basis of EDM piercing and forming. It is a processing method that uses the moving metal wire (molybdenum wire, copper wire or alloy wire) as the electrode wire and uses the pulse electric spark discharge between the electrode wire and the workpiece to generate high temperature to melt or vaporize the metal and form a cutting seam so as to cut out the parts.

Compared with traditional turning, milling and drilling, wire cutting has its own characteristics:

Using 0.03-0.35mm metal wire as electrode directly, without special shape, can save the cost of electrode design and manufacture;

No matter how hard the workpiece material is, as long as the conductor or semiconductor moterial can be processed, and the electrode wire loss is small, and the processing accuracy is high;

It is suitable for the processing of small batch, complex shape parts, single parts and trial products, and the processing cycle is shot;

In WEDM, the electrode wire does not contact the workpiece directly, and the effect between them is very small, so the deformation of workpiece is small, and the electrode wire and flixture do not need too high strength;

The working fluid is water-based emulsion with low cost and no fire;

It is not suitable for processing large quantities of parts with simple shape or non-conductive parts.


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